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Patented Renewable Energy Powered Systems 

Creating Renewable Energy from Waste

Aloviam Carbon Neutral Biocrude Conversion Compared to Fossil Fuel Crude Oil Process

STAGE 1 - Ancient microscopic biomass stored energy from the sun as carbon molecules. Over millions of years, their remains were compressed by sediment and rock. 

STAGE 3 - Oil and natural gas deposits migrated through tiny pores in the surrounding rock or under impermeable layers of rock or clay where they were trapped. These trapped deposits are where we find oil and natural gas today.

Fossil Crude Oil Formation Below Ground

STAGE 2 - As heat and pressure increased, carbon molecules were converted to petroleum and natural gas.

Aloviam Waste/Biomass Conversion to Renewable Biocrude Oil Mimics Crude Process in Minutes

STAGE 1 - Collect waste sludge and pump to conversion system.

STAGE 2 - Expose waste to heat and pressure for minutes in reactor.

STAGE 3 -  Separate renewable biocrude oil from water.

STAGE 4 - Upgrade and refine in existing refineries.

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