Creating Renewable Energy from Waste

Aloviam is the commercialization partner of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) processing of wet wastes. IP status: patented. 


Aloviam is the commercialization partner of the University of Texas Board of Regents for the renewable powering of HTL systems for processing of wet wastes. IP status: patented.

  • In May of 2020, Aloviam exclusively licensed the most advanced HTL system IP from PNNL.

  • In January of 2022, Aloviam executed an agreement with the DOE and received the novation for a $22M HTL project.

  • The DOE has awarded Aloviam $11M non-equity match funding for the project.

  • The project is projected to achieve commercial viability of HTL processing of wet wastes.

  • The project calls for a midsize HTL system to be deployed at a municipal wastewater treatment plant.  

  • The midsize HTL system will convert 15 wet metric tons of sewage waste per day to 7.2 barrels of biocrude.

  • The midsize HTL system will dispose of approximately 10% of the daily waste of the city of 1.2 million inhabitants.

  • Aloviam has executed an agreement with a U.S. city and utility for the project.