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Creating Renewable Energy from Waste

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Aloviam produces carbon neutral renewable biocrude oil, and eliminates problematic wet wastes.  


Aloviam's biocrude oil is produced from wet wastes such as municipal wastewater treatment sludge.  Aloviam biocrude oil can be upgraded and refined into biofuels such as renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. Sustainable biofuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and are vital for a successful energy transition to net zero carbon. 


Presently, the most common methods for disposal of sludge waste include incineration or mixing with compost for land application. Aloviam eliminates the waste on-site providing a complete sustainable disposal solution. Aloviam processing of waste will also reduce greenhouse gases from waste treatment.

In the USA, there are approximately 16,000 wastewater treatment plants servicing about 75% of the population. These plants presently treat about 75 million wet tons of wastewater sludge annually. Enough to produce about 36 million barrels of carbon neutral renewable biocrude oil.  The supply of feedstock, and biocrude oil will increase with population growth.

Aloviam is commercializing its patented waste conversion systems in partnership with municipalities. Aloviam will assist municipalities in transforming municipal wastewater treatment plants into water resource recovery facilities as part of the circular economy. Widespread utilization of Aloviam's patented waste processing systems will transform the waste treatment industry.

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