Creating Renewable Energy from Waste™

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Aloviam produces carbon neutral renewable biocrude oil from natural waste. 


Aloviam's biocrude oil is produced from wet wastes such as municipal wastewater treatment sludge.  Aloviam biocrude oil can be upgraded, and co-refined with traditional crude oil into fuels. Production of sustainable carbon neutral renewable bio-products results in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  


Aloviam's patented waste conversion process contributes to energy security, and a cleaner more sustainable environment. The most common method of waste disposal in the industry involves transporting sludge off-site for land application either as-is, or mixed with compost. Aloviam's conversion process eliminates the waste on-site.

Aloviam is commercializing its patented waste conversion technology in conjunction with existing wastewater treatment plants. In the USA alone, there are approximately 16,000 wastewater treatment plants servicing about 75% of the population. These plants produce about 15 million tons of wastewater sludge solids annually. Enough to produce 51 million barrels of carbon neutral renewable biocrude oil.  The supply of feedstock, and biocrude oil will increase with population growth.


ALOVIAM is derived from the Latin;

Alo – to sustain, feed, nourish

Via, Viam – way, path, road

Vi(s) – energy

Iam – now